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EAC Mark Certification

With the creation of the Customs Union, now known as the Eurasian Economic Union, between Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus as the founding states, and Armenia and Kyrgyzstan joining in 2015, a new common standard system has been implemented on the territories of the member-states, which is based on Customs Union Technical Regulations, generally called CU TR or TR CU.

There more than 40 Technical Regulations implemented up to date for all kinds of industrial and private sector commodities, such as:


The conformity assessment is done in several forms, depending on the product, its characteristics and requirements established in each regulation. The main forms are a Certificate of Conformity to CU TR, Declaration of Conformity to CU TR, and State Registration.

The CU TR approvals are openly published in the online Government Registers:

Government Register of the Declarations of Conformity

Government Register of the Certificates of Conformity

Government Register of the State Registration Certificates

Products certified for conformity to the applicable regulations are allowed and required to be marked with the EAC sign of conformity before they can be exported to the territories of the member-states of the EAEU:

EAC mark

Each regulation implicates certain rules, procedures and peculiarities, with several forms of conformity assessments and multiple schemes for various cases.

The basic input to determine the applicability of the Technical Regulations includes:

RST offers a comprehensive all-inclusive service to guide you through the process to the best solution for your specific situation. We take care of all your approvals in the most economical and efficient way. We offer a fast and reliable service.

There are ongoing changes in the certification system in Russia and the Customs Union, which requires detailed expertise for obtaining the necessary approvals and avoiding the pitfalls.

We invite you to benefit from our widely distributed expertise and engineering approach to product certification. We combine the capabilities of multiple government-accredited testing laboratories and certification bodies to offer a tailored solution to each individual case.

Since 2008 we specialize in close cooperation with a range of government-accredited laboratories and experts, we know the pitfalls and the shortcuts, and consequently:

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