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GOST R Explosion Protection Certificate

The main difference between ordinary GOST R Certificate and Ex-proof GOST R Certificate is a special EX-marking (of Explosion Proof Class), based on Explosion Proof requirements, and additional Expertise Conclusion, annex to the Ex-proof GOST R Certificate.

Russian requirements for the ex-proof equipment are quite the same as in western countries.

Technical devices, including foreign-manufactured, used in hazardous production facilities should be certified to prove their conformity to the industrial safety requirements set by the Russian Federation Law. The list of technical devices used in hazardous production facilities and subject to certification is elaborated and approved according to the procedure established by the Government of RF (List approved by GOSGORTEKHNADZOR of the RF and GOSSTANDART of the RF dated August 3 and 10, 2001).

Oil refineries, oil and petro-chemical industry, mines and some other industrial areas which designed and marked as hazardous area in the drawings are required the usage of Ex-proof rated Equipment, and for them Ex-proof GOST R and RTN (Rostechnadzor) Approval should be obtained in Russia.

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