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Fire safety

Fire safety certificate is a document verifying conformity of production to requirements of "Technical regulations of requirements of fire safety", that has come into force since May, 1st, 2009.

The list of production subject to obligatory fire certification, is established by the Governmental order of the Russian Federation from 3/17/2009 № 241.

The necessity of obtaining the fire certificate for a product is defined by three parameters:

  1. The name of production,
  2. Scope of application,
  3. HS code.

For example, finishing materials for buildings are subject to fire certification if they are applied at railway trains and on the evacuation ways. And the finishing materials applied at furnish of premises (internal or external) are subject to fire declaring. Fire declarations, as well as the certificates, are used for customs clearing and the sales reasons.

For production that is not subject to obligatory certification, the voluntary certificate of fire safety can be issued. Such document is usually for competitive advantages on the market, including participation in various tenders.

RST cooperates with laboratories, test centers and certification bodies, in the sum having accreditation on carrying out of fire tests and certification of fire safety of any kind of production, including fire-prevention protection.

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