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Conformity certification

GOST R certificateCertificate of conformity is a document  that confirms the quality of products and their compliance to the stated standarts and the requirements of Russian Federation.

Obtaining of certificates of conformity is an obligatory measure for the majority of equipment made in Russia and imported from abroad. The list of products that are subject to obligatory certification is regularly updated. Trade of many goods on the territory of Russian Federation is possible only if the GOST R certificate of conformity is present.

Basic steps of issuing the certificate

  1. application,
  2. submitting the documentation (specifications, operation manuals, etc.),
  3. laboratory research, tests and product examination,
  4. issuing and registration of the certificate and its delivery to the customer.

Technical regulations

Technical Regulations appeared in Russia as the result of reforming the process of technical regulation, which is being held from 2003, when the law "About the technical regulation" has taken effect. The document will be needed if you bring equipment to the territory of Russia (for sale or use), or if you're a producer - in both cases the requirements for the products that fall under obligatory certification are the same.

Certificates of conformity for the equipment may vary depending on it's use or other requirements.

If the certificate is being issued for devices and units that are to be used on a hazardous production site, e.g., in mines or on oil and gas manufactures, it is additionally necessary to issue the Rostekhnadzor Permission to use.

Obtaining the certificate may take different time, but if the documents are correct, one should evaluate the term as less then 5 days.

Existing technical regulations are meant to replace the GOSTs, sanitary and other standards. It is also considered, that in near future times Technical regulations of Russian Federation will be replaced by common Eurasian Union Technical Regulations.

Declaration of conformity

Declaration is a different form of stating the conformity of production, that has the same legal power as the GOST R certificate. The Declaration is issued for the products, stated in "The list of production subject to obligatory confirmation of conformity in the form of declaring".

Declaration of conformity can only be issued for a Russian company.

It means that the foreign manufacturer can't accept the declaration on conformity directly — the company which is carrying out sales of given goods or function of branch of the foreign manufacturer can accept it.

The accepted declaration of conformity is then registered within certification authorities.

Voluntary certification

Certification of the goods on conformity to Russian State standards can be carried out not only in obligatory, but also in a voluntary form.

The main difference of the voluntary certificate is that the manufacturer can include additional standards, if he wishes to confirm conformity to them. It is especially claimed in case if the equipment cannot be easily classified as a part of the nomenclature of production and services that are subject to obligatory certification.

Voluntary certification can't replace the obligatory, however, it is a serious argument in the favor of quality of production.

Certification with RST

RST renders the whole complex of services on preparing and registration of all the documents needed for certification and declaration.

You will obtain everything needed in the shortest terms. We will help determine, if your product is subject to a certian certification system, would it be GOST R or any other, and which of the variety of documents if needed for your specifict product.

All of the documentation is issued in the most strict conformity to the rules of certification system of GOST R.




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